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00:00:09 Setting Up
00:01:57 Isomalt
00:03:04 Tracing the Template
00:04:28 Attaching Headlight to the Cake
00:05:12 Coloring
00:05:49 Texture
00:06:06 Attaching Taillight to the Cake
00:07:54 Lights

Supply List

Silicone Mold Material (must be real silicone, NOT our mold material recipe, for isomalt)


– Oil (vegtable oil, canola oil, pam, etc)

– Exacto Knife

Silicone Bowl (optional)

– Red Airbrush Color

– Rolling Pin

– Needle nose pliers

– Foil

– Press and Seal (or basic plastic wrap)

– Vinyl Gloves for protection

LED lights

 Skill Level: Intermediate
 Tutorial Duration:  11 minutes
Time to Complete:  Less than 1 hour


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