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3D Snow Globe Cookie Tutorial

When I think “winter”, my brain goes straight to the nostalgic feeling of snow globes *sigh*… such magic packed into those little things. Especially as a child, I remember trying to make a snow globe myself... consisting in those little plastic bulbs you’d get with your toy from the 25¢ machines AND, of course, glitter. […]

Wafer Paper Christmas Tree & Plaid Tutorial

This tutorial was actually a paid tutorial in my online school from two years ago. However, I wanted to give it as a gift to you this year! Cause… tis the season and I love showing appreciation for all of you who have been loyal readers. We’re right smack-dab in the middle of THE SEASON. […]

How to Color Your Own Sprinkles

Ready to color some?! So now that you know all about sprinkles I’m going to show you how I color the three main types of sprinkles: Sanding Sugar, Non Pariels, and Jimmies. Here’s the tools you’ll need: White Sprinkles (can be purchased online, click here) Bowls Spatulas Airbrush Color Vodka The one disclaimer that I […]

Jazz Up Your Character Cake with the Perfect Party Bow or Hat

Ok, show of hands, how many of you have ever made a character cake? Show of hands on how many of you finished making the cake only to realize it felt like something was missing. Don’t be embarrassed, because, well, it’s happened to the best of us...ahem, including me, haha! So in the event that […]

6 Must Haves to Nail Your Unicorn Cake

Hello, my unicorn-lovin’ friend! Or maybe you actually despise them. Regardless, EVERYBODY and their mama want one AND you’re scouring the internet searching for the successful unicorn “must-haves”. You, my friend, are in the right place. And if you’ve been living under a rock -- it’s time to peek out and join the rest of […]

Hello from the Cookie Side

Special announcement from Sandie Beltran of You Can Call Me Sweetie...."Hello from the Cookie Side" Guaranteed to give you a smile (especially if you are an Adele fan!) That's right! "Hello from the Cookie Side" meannnssss.. we are bringing COOKIES to Avalon Cakes (don't worry, the cake is here always!). We've brought on Sandie Beltran, a […]

Quick Wafer Paper Trees

  Tis the season.... the season of giving... and being so dang giving (of your time and effort) you want to crawl under your bed until January! So when ALL your friends and family have declared YOU the cake queen (or king) and the pressure to create an awesome Christmas cake is on your shoulders... […]

Alan Dunn's Favorite Sugar Flower Tools

Alan Dunn Sugarcraft Website: Follow him on Facebook Craftsy Classes (50% off!): Tropical Sugar Flowers & Sugar Flowers off the Garden Path Alan Dunn gives us a peak into his FAVORITE tools and must-haves for cake decorating, in this case, he uses them for him immaculate sugar flowers! He is one of the top Sugar Flower artists in […]

Corinna Maguire's Favorite Cake Tools List

Lovin from The Oven Blog - Follow her on Facebook Corinna Maguire from Lovin in the Oven gives us a peek into her favorite cake tools...! Corinna is a fabulous novelty cake and sugar modeling artist, very creative and has so much to offer! She is sharing an array of wonderful tools (an indulges) that will […]

Easy Calligraphy for Cakes

Calligraphy is one of those timeless beauties that I don't think will ever go out of style, however right now it's more IN then it's ever been (at least in this century ;). However, it takes a ton of practice to achieve true calligraphy, so I put together a little cheaters calligraphy tutorial for you. […]

Southern Take on Chocolate Cake

So I think it's pretty clear now... Kara and I don't mess around when it comes to knocking your taste buds off their feet (...if taste buds had feet). Here is our finial of the "Duff Till Dawn Trio", the DE-LISH "Southern Take on Chocolate Cake". This light chocolate cake is soaked in bourbon simple […]

Vanilla Cake with Passion Fruit and Raspberry Filling

Kara and I discussed what flavors we could bring together that were somewhat nostalgic and yet modern with a twist. Huge fan of the classic berry and tart combo, so we thought, lets bring the bold passion fruit to the front line! So here it is! One of the THREE flavor combos that we chose […]

Honey Apricot Cake with Tonka Bean Buttercream and Pignoli Crunch

I hope you tuned into Duff Till Dawn on Food Network (the new cake competition series on Food Network!) and happen to catch myself and my partner Kara Andretta from Kara's Couture Cakes! Yeeaaah we brought our "A" game and.... well... OH you thought you could get the results that easy?! I can't tell you silly! […]

Wafer Paper Filigree Tutorial

Filigree... rawr... such a fancy name. Then there is the word "course". An even fancier name?! Well, this is a 5-course meal of WAFER PAPER! On the menu for "Wafer Paper Filigree Course": Fancy shmanzy stylized Peony The fierce Poppy Bright and bubbly Sunflower The sophisticated Monogram OH-so artsy-fartsy Portrait Ok, enough of my corny, […]

Floating My Little Pony Cake

Hi. I'm Avalon and I have an addiction. I like to....make everything much more complex then it probably needs to be! *facepalm* ^^^ Is there a support group for that?! They requested a My Little Pony cake. So this is what I came up with design-wise. Meet "Fluttershy". At first glance (I am no MLP […]

Hanging Flower Chandelier Cake

You want me to hang a cake?! But... but... that defies the laws of nature! Yeah, that apple, it FALLS from the tree, remember? The last time I checked you shouldn't hang fluffy morsels of loosely affixed flour, sugar, butter and eggs.. IN MID AIR. Pshhhhhh! RULES, SHMOOLS. Break em! It gets people all kinds of […]

Zombie Buffet Cupcake Tutorial

WARNING: STOP RIGHT THERE.. IF YOU DON'T LIKE GORE.... RUN, RUN AWAY! I PROMISE I'LL BRING THE PRETTY STUFF BACK SOON! 🙂 HALLOWEEN! What can I say? I LOVE it. I love hanging up my "serious pants" for a day (or two)  and slipping into something a little more..... FUN! Brings the child out in […]

Make Your Own Lace Mold

How often do you have a bride who has this gorgeous lace detail on her dress and wants to incorporate it on her cake? Or you see it and thing, ok.. that would be gorgeous on a cake! Well here is a way to make your own lace mold with Make it Yourself Mold Material […]

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