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Super EASY Pumpkin Cakes Hack

These RIDICULOUSLY easy pumpkin cakes will be your new favorite fall tradition! Whether you're making them with your family this Thanksgiving, Halloween or offering them up to your cake clients, this little hack is going to save you so much time with wow-that-was-so-easy results. The idea for this "hack" had been rolling around in my […]

3D Snow Globe Cookie Tutorial

When I think “winter”, my brain goes straight to the nostalgic feeling of snow globes *sigh*… such magic packed into those little things. Especially as a child, I remember trying to make a snow globe myself... consisting in those little plastic bulbs you’d get with your toy from the 25¢ machines AND, of course, glitter. […]

Succulent Cakes That Will Make You Drool + A Tutorial Just For You

Oh sweet succulent babies! Who doesn't love these cute little plants that are poppin’ up everywhere? Nothing like taking the beauty natural has to offer and recreating it in sugar. And really, who doesn’t want to cover their house with baby cacti and plants -- so let's cover our desserts with them too, eh? You can […]

How to Make a Gold Filigree Fondant Frame Without Molds

So you’ve been asked to make a cake. Heck yes, you’re thinkin’, that is in fact what I love to do. 😉 But then it comes down to making it and you've realized the mold you thought you had (you know the one you THOUGHT you bought?) isn't actually in your possession.  Or maybe you […]

Wafer Paper Light Up Houses

That's right, Wafer Paper Light Up Houses! I have this vivid memory of nostalgia -  I was a child, back when the lights and decorations really truly pulled me into a different world. That warm and fuzzy world that only Christmas decor, music, and family can create. My parents always decked our house out, like someone […]

Edible Letter Blocks for Cake Tutorial

And, in the evening, turn the lights on for an extra special nostalgic feeling! I created this cake for the marvelous McGreevy Cakes Blog. So honored to be a part of it this year! Be sure to go check out the rest of the cakes when you get a chance! We all based our cakes […]

How to Fix Dry and Cracking Wafer Paper

Scenario: You're pumped! You're getting ready to make your first wafer paper flower, you reach into that bag, pull that paper out, and "CRACK!" Your heart sinks to your stomach, you get all dizzy, curl up in the fetal position, cry......what, just me? 😉 hehe So WHY is my wafer paper cracking?! How do I […]

How to Make Homemade Edible Glitter

Glitter.... that you CAN EAT and MAKE yourself? Yep, the original gelatin home-made edible glitter recipe! That's right, learn how to make homemade edible glitter. Not pulling your leg! And, to top it off, it's EASY peasy! Now, now, pick your jaw up off that floor... chin rug burns are not attractive 😉 Ah, the holidays, […]

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