This is a very popular issue.. and 90% of the time you actually have two accounts with us 🙂 This often happens when someone signs in using Facebook (that creates an account) and then creates a separate account when they purchase a membership. So, thus, you end up having two accounts and the one you are signing in with is not the one you purchased the membership with.

So we suggest you try logging in with any other email addresses you may have created an account with. And if you’re still not finding the issue, be sure to just shoot us a little message down below in the right-hand corner -or- shoot us an email directly at! 🙂

  • If you originally logged in with Facebook, you must always log in with Facebook (don’t worry, we don’t share anything with Facebook about you and they do not make posts about being a member).
  • If you are seeing a message “Sending info please wait…” in the sign in window and it just sits there and doesn’t go through, try logging in on this page Log In. (always located in the menu under neither “My Account”>”Log In”)

Membership: With our Membership packages you have access to our entire library of tutorials ALONG with our member only tutorials, cake and design calculators, member-only articles, community, and forums. You only have access to this content as long as you’re a paying member. However, if you “purchase” tutorials using your download points, you will have access to those even if you cancel (BONUS!) 😉 You can cancel at anytime! No contract!

Buying Individual Tutorials: When you buy an individual tutorial, you get unlimited access to that tutorial. You will have access to the tutorial page so you can watch the videos and get all the other important notes. To access all the tutorials you’ve purchased just go to “My Purchased Tutorials” under “My Account” (your avatar) tab. Please note, you do need to have a free account to access your tutorials. You can create one by logging in through Facebook (suggested) or buy creating your own Username and Password.

If you are signed in (and a Classic or Premium member) try hitting re-fresh when you are on the “sales” page for the tutorial. I know, seems like a super simple fix but it works 99% of the time! 🙂

We offer two membership options. They are both monthly options and can be canceled at anytime. You can read about the benefits of each membership here.

IMPORTANT: If you purchased a tutorial through Avalon Cakes prior to September 1 2015  we can NOT add any previously purchased (prior to Sept 1st) to your current account on Avalon Cakes School website. Unfortunately our system does not work that way. You can always access it through the original links you were sent or send us your NAME, PAYPAL EMAIL ADDRESS and the names of the tutorials you have misplaced. 


  1. Log on to with the User Name and Password you created. (If you signed in with Facebook, simply log in with Facebook!)SIGNIN
  2. Go to My Account (the little avatar in the menu bar).
  3. Click “My Purchased Tutorials”purchased0
  4. There will be a list of all the tutorials you’ve purchased, just click the link to access!


We like to think that all of our tutorials are pretty awesome sauce. 😉 However, you know, those elaborate techniques that include structure, special effects, sculpting, carving and all those, eehhhmm, secrets?! Those are Premium Tutorials! (all Premium tutorials are labeled)

We add 3 new pieces of content every month in the form of video tutorials, pictorials, calculators, and/or articles for our Classic and Premium members to enjoy. Along with that, our Premium members receive a new Premium Tutorial every other month.

All of our courses are labeled as beginner, intermediate or advanced. However, we do our best to be as thorough as possible with all of our content.

You can simply go to Become A Member! You will keep the same Username and Password!

Go to your “Membership Account” page and click “Cancel Membership” at the bottom of the page.




No, your membership price will not go up. You are locked into your current subscribed price until you decide to unsubscribe. However, if you re-subscribe, you will have to pay the new monthly price. If our membership prices go down, your monthly price will too.

Check your junk mail! They sometimes are filtered into that folder.

If you still cannot find it, contact us.

Video issues? Check out our Video Playback Issues Troubleshooting


Signed in but having trouble seeing the content? Try refreshing the page.

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