I am often asked what I use for this and what I use for that… the answer often is “a little bit of this and a little bit of that”. Since the answers always vary, I thought I would put together a list of just a few of my favorite products for all you curious cakers. Here is the first editions of “My Favorite Cake Products”

Note: *I am NOT an affiliate to any of these products, I just like em!*

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Janet O’Sullivan’s “The Clear Cake Scraper”


Love these bad boys! Janet PATENTED them! Translation? Pure gold here, baby.

  • They come in a pack of 4 (5″, 7″, 9″ and 12″) or you can buy just one extra tall 12″ one. I like the set of 4, it allows you to choose what feels best in your hand and what is best for your project (hello sexy double barrels!) 
  • They are made of acrylic, 4.5 mm thick acrylic, which means no bending! I can’t tell you how many of my metal scrapers have bent over time and I just can’t seem to get them perfectly straight again.
  • Because it’s acrylic, you can see through it! Allowing you to see exactly what you are doing.
  • They have a beveled edge. The sharp side is perfect for scraping icing off, however, turn in over and use it to apply your icing over your stencils!
  • She has a handy dandy instructional PDF, so you don’t have to “guess” on how to use these.
  • She ships overseas! BONUS. Sometimes we can’t get our hands on those precious overseas items.



>>> Janet O’Sullivan Cake Design <<<


Due to popularity, item is currently on back order, however, pre-order now and it will get shipped ASAP (see site for more info)!



Cake Support Solutions Coated Wood-Fiber Boards 


I came across this next gem when I was looking for a solution for my “Bust Cake Class”. I wanted to give my students a board that would support the structure and one that neither of us would feel necessary to cover or decorate. So I thought, I’ll buy some wood boards, spray paint them, and we’ll be on our way. Well that put a lot of unneeded work on my plate. Not to mention, I wanted a real world solution for them when it came to making the cake for a customer. Which meant a non-toxic, food safe surface. AND I found that solution!

  • These boards are super strong, working great between tiers and as base boards! Made out of high quality wood-fiber!
  • They are coated in a food-safe white coating! So you don’t HAVE to cover you boards, if you don’t want to.
  • They are almost neck and neck price wise with the typical wood-fiber cake boards… except, your getting a beautiful white food-safe finish.
  • And are inexpensive enough to dispose after one use! Yeah, that means stop asking you clients for deposits and returns on…. cake boards… just sayin, you have so many better things to do with your time!
  • They have a smooth edge, which allows you to ice your tiers with super smooth sides! Pretty big bonus right there.
  • They are biodegradable. Yay Earth!
  • Other cool stuff on the site too, like cake support and cupcake stands.
  • If you give them enough lead time, they can do custom orders also. Just be sure to order enough to make it worth their while 😉
  • Free shipping on order $100 or more right now… reminds me, I need to stock up.
  • Tip: When getting a baseboard for something that requires some structure, use the 1/4″ thick boards (1/4″ thick boards starts at 12″ in diameter).
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>>>> Cake Support Solutions <<<<



Choco-Pan Modeling Chocolate  


So, if you know me, you know I LOVE MODELING CHOCOLATE. I’m a MODELING CHOCOHOLIC. *insert me and modeling chocolate, holding hands, blissfully skipping through the meadow* True, I often make my own. But, I’ll be honest, I find myself facing those “oh-so-common” modeling chocolate battles too. Do everything right and still sometimes face the lumps, the oil and just straight up FAILS. I have all sorts of different ratios and recipes that I use for different sorts of chocolate, candy melts, etc… but that’s a whole other post all together. ANYWHO, back to my love story, there I was… Choco-Pan modeling chocolate in hand… starring starry eyed at this magnificent medium that lay before me. Held it to my bosom and declared it “my love”. I used it to make that girl ^^^, yeah, her up there! That face, my friends, is a “Choco-pan” face. Lets get down the the details of why I love it…

  • Perfect, straight out of the bucket, evvverrrytime.
  • Comes in different colors, which saves our precious forearms (esp when it comes to RED and BLACK, oyi!)! Including, my personal favorite, fleshtone!
  • Amazing blendability of seams.
  • You won’t find it drying out as you work with it (you may run into that problem with some homemade candy melt products).
  • Although it will react to the heat of your hands (like any modeling chocolate), it does seem to hold up pretty well under more warm conditions!
  • Allows for on the spot modeling. Meaning, you don’t have to make something days in advance and allow it to “dry”. There is no “drying” with modeling chocolate, just allow it to set up at room temp or place it in the fridge for a couple minutes!
  • Perfect for precision cutting! Need to cut something 2D out, but HATE how fondant stretches and pulls? Modeling chocolate is perfect! Is stays rigid and allows smooth (like BUTTER) cuts.



>>>> Choco-Pan Modeling Chocolate <<<<


Well that’s all for this edition of my favorite products! Hoping some of these can make your cake life a little bit easier!

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  1. patricia cruz 4 years ago

    Is modeling chocolate your preferred medium for toppers and figures? I have been making mine from fondant, but having problems. 3d figures sag while drying and 2d items (such as numbers) end up fragile and often breaking or softening once on the cake, even when I make them thick and a week in advance. For reference I am in central Texas where summers are hot and springs are humid.

  2. Bolaji 4 years ago

    Avalon, thank you so much for sharing. I’m really excited about the board. I have to make an Olaf cake but I’m not looking forward to the wood sawing. I hope I can get them in the UK.

  3. Kamber 3 years ago

    Hi Avalon! I love Cake Support Solutions, but I have not been able to place an order with them recently. Do you know if they have gone out of business? Their website is down and their phone numbers are all out of service! Can you recommend any other cake boards that are similar to theirs? Thanks so much!

    • Avalon Cakes 3 years ago

      They have gone out of business 🙁 Sadly! I loved them too! You can get masonite cake boards on Amazon and they work great, you will however have to cover them because they do not have the white finish. :-/

  4. Tracy 2 years ago

    Hi Avalon,
    Can you make a tutorial explaining how to use wooden boards washers etc. I’ve never used them in any tier cake and I hesitate I don’t know where and how to begin? Would love to learn the steps on how to begin. Thank you!

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