I just want you to know that I am so impressed with your teaching style. You are very thorough and detailed but so down to earth. I have loved everything you have presented so far. Thanks again.

Marjorie Angelo

I am honestly so grateful for Avalon’s Cake School! The classes have taken my work to the next level. I have learned techniques that really give my cakes a professional look. I am doing structural cakes and sculpted cakes without fear. This has been the single best investment for my business. It’s made me a more confident baker, decorator, and designer.

Ann-Marie’s Youngblood

I confess, I’m in many online schools, but yours is by far my favorite because I love structural cakes, and I am sure you are the Queen of this. Very well explained vídeos, don’t feel ‘left with a doubt’ in anything you have taught! That’s why, for me, you have the best school!

Claudia Silva de Sousa

I have always found you to be accessible to all learning ranges. I have been able to grow and succeed using your tutorials.

Zawadi Parizek

I began decorating cakes about 5 years ago. I had begun following fabulous cake decorators, but never thought I could do what they do. That all changed when I became a member of Avalon’s Cakes School. After a year, I am now beginning to try to make these beautiful works of art, and I’m very happy with the results from watching these amazing tutorials. I’m now able to get out of my comfort zone and try new things. I love it! I can not express how much Avalon has changed my life. Avalon, you have given me confidence that I never had!

Stacey Jimenez

Avalon’s Cake School combines Avalon’s amazing talent and creativity with her down-to-earth personality, humor, and genuine caring to create a unique and amazing experience. In addition to amazing tutorials, she makes herself available on a daily basis with an online group where we can ask questions and get support and encouragement from Avalon and all the other members of the school. I have found her tutorials extremely helpful and detailed. I love that she covers every aspect of creating a project, including problem-solving and an acute attention to food safety. I love that she also regularly does bonus Facebook Live tutorials. I love her school so much!

Jennifer Jenkins Kennedy

Avalon, I have been a member since day one. I absolutely love and admire the things you come up with to teach us. Just when I thought I knew it all, BAAAM, here’s another trick up your sleeve. You are easy to follow, some other peoples tuts are really annoying to me. I guess you must have that special touch with your soft approach and easy to listen to music. I love your sense of humor, and usually can’t wait to see whats in store for us next. Even though I am more on the advanced skill level, I still learn new things all the time. Thank you for sharing your special talent with us, and I will continue to be a huge supporter of you and your Avalon cake school.

Kimberly Sanders

I want to thank you for your stellar tutorials. I just watched the winter wonderland, and can’t wait to try everything! …I am learning so much in your school and am so grateful for the tips and tricks you are sharing. The more I watch of your tutorials, the more I appreciate how you are doing them and making the knowledge possible to learn and pickup.

Becky Dula Czarnik

You amaze me, like seriously. Your face sculpting tutorial was THE most informative tutorial I think I may have ever watched. I suck at making faces, like seriously lol, and the tips and tricks you gave and your explanations were on point! I feel like I can actually sculpt a proper face now, with actual human cheeks and properly spaced eyes!

Jarid Altmark

It really is my favorite school out there. So many tools, tips and ideas. Most importantly, your instruction is not only detailed but you make me comfortable enough to dive into what scares me – like sculpting!

Jeanne Winslow


This was awesome. One of the main reasons I was so excited about joining Avalon’s online school is because she thinks outside of the box, & I just love that. Just about anyone can make a cake the traditional way, but to create the way she does, conjuring up the unexpected & taking it to an over & beyond cake form, that’s talent. And to share it with us, love her for that!

Donna Mandell

Learned sooooooooo much from this class and not just about this design. It’s packed full of great tips. I LOVED your class. I have been trying to get out of my comfort zone. I really did learn a lot, you have a really easy to follow teaching style. Avalon Yarnes is an excellent instructor. THANK YOU!!


Tara Otero

…What I love about this class is learning from someone who has gone through all of the trial and error, and is sharing that experience with you. That is truly priceless. Fantastic class.

Heather McGrath

Avalon is a great teacher and amazing cake artist. The class was very good and showed a lot of techniques.

Terry Hernandez

…Avalon was so cute and very reassuring. So, I watched this class twice to make sure I understood every aspect. While I was still terrified, I knew it was totally doable!

Ann-Maries Youngblood

Great class to take up – I definitely recommend it to everyone – the cake is super cute. Information given is very useful and worth the money.

Vi Lieu

I am a newbie and am not even done watching this video, but had to stop in the middle to tell you that it is great. You explain absolutely everything that you are doing so well. Please please please create more videos. I loved it!

Diane Schmidt

Congrats!!! Great instructor !!!! Thanks for sharing your tips. Love the way you teach !!! I will definitely purchase your online classes, so much to learn !! thanks Avalon

Roxana Salazar

Excellent Class, Excellent Teacher.

Cristina Delgado

Love this class! Well explained and demonstrated, learned new techniques, and love avalon! Hope to see more of you and your techniques.

Cathy A Davis

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