Sunflowers have been popping up all over the wedding scene this fall! Who’d thunk I’d be asked to make MINI sunflowers?! Well, when you have a creative customer with a desire to put an octopus crawling up the side of their wedding cake, small bouquet of sunflowers seems like a walk in the park. NOT. Ok, ok, ok, but really, you look at sunflowers and you see a ton of individual perfect flower petals. Then, think, MINI? How will my fingers place all those tiny little petals? Without stealing my entire day, and my sanity?

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Ok.. time to step out of your little box Avalon…  go look at your cutters and see what you can come up with! Ah, the infamous daisy cutters! Thinking, thinking.. ok, pull out the petals to a point, layer a few different sizes, put a center in and TA-DA! Quick, simple and to the point. May not be completely botanically correct, but I think they look pretty darn cool considering!

What you need:

  • Egg yellow & Brown gumpaste (store bought or homemade, see recipe at bottom of page)
  • 2 Daisy cutters in sequential sizes (find one here)
  • Small ball tool
  • Tylose glue or egg whites
  • Powdered sugar (I prefer putting it in nylon sock, shown here but a regular sifter will do)
  • Flower center mold (optional, can be found here)
  • Gumpaste modeling pad (find one here)
  • Apple crate drying form (can be found at local supermarket)
  • Rolling pin (find one here)
  • Paint brush

 AvalonCakesSunflowerTutorial (11)

Dust your surface with powdered sugar (or cornstarch if that is what you prefer). Roll out your gumpaste nice and thin. Cut out 2 of the larger daisies and 1 of the smaller. Be sure to keep your excess gumpaste in a air container or ziplock bag when not working with it.

AvalonCakesSunflowerTutorial (12)

AvalonCakesSunflowerTutorial (5)

Place one of the larger daisy shapes on the flower modeling pad (put the other two away in a zip lock to keep them from drying out). Using your ball tool, thin out the edges of the petals.

AvalonCakesSunflowerTutorial (1)

Next, pinch the ends of the petals to create a point (this is an optional detail that I like, but you can skip if you like)

AvalonCakesSunflowerTutorial (2)

Place in the apple crate drying form.

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AvalonCakesSunflowerTutorial (4)

REPEAT previous steps with the other two layers of daisy shapes you previously cut out. Layer, and glue together with small amount of tylose or egg whites. Make sure when layering, you place the new petals between the petals of the previous layer.


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AvalonCakesSunflowerTutorial (8)

And thus you have, two layers of the larger daisy shape and one later of the small daisy shape.

AvalonCakesSunflowerTutorial (9)

Ball up a small amount of brown gumpaste and place it in a small center mold. Press. (you don’t HAVE to have a center mold, you can place a circle in the center of the flower and texture it with toothpicks, get creative!)

AvalonCakesSunflowerTutorial (6)

Add to the center of the flower with a small amount of tylose or egg white.

AvalonCakesSunflowerTutorial (14)

TA-DA! Feel free to leave them be or add a little color dusting for a bit more of a realistic flower.

Hope you can use these little guys for an upcoming project of your own!

Favorite homemade Gum Paste recipe?! Easy. Nicholas Lodge’s. Below is his video on how to make his lovely gum paste.


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Access my full Wafer Paper Filigree Peony video tutorial along with a downloadable template and bonus video! 

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