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Calavera Sugar Skull Cookie Tutorial with Sandie Beltran

Sandie Beltran of You Can Call Me Sweetie, aka our resident cookie guru, brings you a gorgeous take on the classic Dias de Los Muertos (Day of the Dead) Calvera Sugar Skull in a cookie! This Sugar Skull cookie is complete with a gorgeous hand-painted skull (on royal icing) and topped with a crown full […]

Pretty Witch Hat Cookies with Sandie Beltran

Learn how to make these pretty little witch hat cookies with this live tutorial replay with our cookie guru, Sandie Beltran, from You Can Call Me Sweetie! These super chic and fall-inspired Witch Hat cookies are perfect for the season, but this class is loaded with great skills you can use for any cookies! You'll […]

Sculpting and Painting Eyes - Advanced Features Series

Sculpting and Painting Eyes with modeling chocolate, the first of the Advanced Feature Series here on Avalon Cakes! We'll be diving deep into creating realistic eyes, including: Discussing how to approach sculpting and how eyes are different How to create the eye structure and how to alter it to achieve desired results How to create […]

Bohemian Cookie Set Tutorial with Sandie Beltran

In this class you’ll learn how to make one of Sandie’s most beloved sets, the Bohemian Collection cookies! Love all the textures on these gorgeous cookies and the soft color palette. Learn how to: Create a killer wood grain texture with royal icing! Piping techniques to make gorgeous scrollwork. An ombre painting technique. Water color […]

Layered Floral White Chocolate Flower Wedding Cake Tutorial with Cory Pohlman

This GORGEOUS painted chocolate wedding cake tutorial by Cory Pohlman is a game changer! This unique wedding cake will make your bride’s jaw drop, as it should be on display in a museum! In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to: Work with white chocolate (candy melts) Pipe different shapes Build up the shapes for a […]

Don't Fear the Sphere Series Part 3: Space Astronaut Helmet Birthday Cake with Mike McCarey

Learn how to make a realistic space helmet cake with Mike McCarey! This is the 3rd part of our "Don't Fear The Sphere" series with Mike McCarey. With this Sphere, we've transformed it into a fully edible Astronaut Helmet cake! Accessing your tutorial: You must create a free account to view your purchase. (Tip! The […]

Don't Fear the Sphere Series Part 2: Keranimal How to Make a Muppet Puppet Cake

The first sphere based tutorial in our "Don't Fear The Sphere" Series with Mike McCarey is this amazing muppet-puppet, Keranimal! Learn how to take a simple sphere and bring it to the next level  in this step by step how to make a muppet-puppet cake tutorial! You'll learn: How to transform your sphere into a […]

How to make a Sphere Ball Cake Mike McCarey

Mike McCarey shows us why we should "Not Fear the Sphere!" in the 4 part series! First up? How to make a perfect sphere cake! He shows us how to create the structure, carve the cake (out of rounds, not a sphere pan) and ice the cake perfectly... ready to be your spherical canvas! Accessing […]

Juliet David Austin Garden Gumpaste Sugar Rose

David Austin Juliet garden roses are gracing bride’s bouquets and cakes everywhere! These gorgeous flowers can be kind of head-scratcher when it comes to re-creating them out gumpaste.. that’s why I aimed to de-bunk this flower and make it as easy and streamlined as possible! I wanted to create something beautiful but also something that […]

Octopus Cake Tutorial

Learn how to make this colorful Octopus cake from start to finish! You'll learn how to: Create a supportive structure for the tentacles and so he appears coming off the board! Create a unique and beautiful veining pattern with one of Avalon's signature techniques! How to stack, carve and ice your Octopus! And much more! […]

Fairy Log Stump Tree House Woodland Cake that Lights Up Tutorial

Oh the techniques wrapped up in this cake! Create this magical log stump fairy house cake (with realistic bark, mushrooms and lights!) Perfect for a woodland or enchanted forest party or just pull techniques from it for your next stump cake request! You'll learn how to: Create realistic bark fast without buying any special molds. […]

Marble Ganache Video Cake Tutorial Live Replay

That's right friends....... GANACHE Marble! What what!! 🤷‍♀️ I know you're as excited as I am about this... because that means we don't even need to get the fondant out!  Plus, all those customers who don't love fondant, this is a great alternative... super easy, fast and GORGEOUS. See you inside! Accessing your tutorial: You […]

Hair Styles and Texture Tutorial

Learn how to make beautifully textured fondant hairstyles for your cakes and figurines! Avalon shows you how to: Multiple ways to create a hair texture Create a base for all your hair styles 5 Hair Styles + 1 Bonus pictorial Hairstyle And more! Accessing your tutorial: You must create a free account to view your […]

Light Up Marquee Light Cake

We went with a ❤ U for our upcoming holiday, Valentines! However, you can use this structure with any letter in the alphabet! This is perfect for engagement parties (bride and groom’s initials!) or even adventurous weddings (grooms cake maybe!), birthdays, the list goes on! It’s not going to disappoint, that’s for sure! In this […]

Enchanted Pastel Gingerbread House with Sandie and Avalon

This enchanted pastel gingerbread house is bound to make your spirit warm and fuzzy this season! Avalon Yarnes and Sandie Beltran come together to create this multi-faceted gingerbread house for the holidays. You'll learn: How to build a structurally sound house (includes recipe and templates) How to decorate using multiple royal icing techniques. How to […]

Rex in a Sweater Tutorial with Natalie Sideserf

The struggle is real ya'll.... for this party lovin' Dino who JUST wants to fit into his ugly sweater. 😃 Beyond being a HILARIOUS concept, a T-Rex in a Sweater, hehe... it's a flippin' amazing CAKE! The most fabulous Natalie Sideserf joined us to show us how she created this life-like T-Rex cake step by […]

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