Ultimate Recipe Costing 

This free Recipe Cost Calculator Spreadsheet is one of the most invaluable tools for understanding your baking business. Furthermore… costing out your recipes is the FIRST step in understanding what you should be charging your customers (and how to NOT screw yourself over). Baking has so many hidden costs and fluctuating costs, you've got to have a tool that can easily be updated, we do that with our master ingredient list.

This is one of my best freebies and I've even been called crazy for giving it away for free it…

With this calculator, you'll be able to:

  • Cost out recipes quickly and conveniently on an easy to use “plug and play” spreadsheet (google sheets or excel!) I walk you through exactly how to use in a quick video!
  • Learn valuable information about your recipes, you'll even know how much 1 cup of batter costs you!
  • Change the cost of your ingredients in a master list, so that ALL of your recipes adjust when the cost of all the ingredients changes! (Remember those Vanilla price hikes? Yikes!)

Ready to download this free spreadsheet calculator?! I'll send it straight to your email…

This free Recipe Cost Calculator for baking is the first step in making sure YOU are running a successful business on the front-end. This will work with any recipe that yields a certain amount (cupcakes, cake, cookies, etc).

No spamming, we don't roll that way. Just cakey stuff that I promise you'll love!