Medusa Cake Class in Denver Nov. 10th & 11th


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Total Payment Plan Price: $971.25

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Dates: November 10th & 11th 2018

Time: 9:00am to 6:00pm (may go over depending on the class pace) with 1 hr included lunch

Where: Thrive Ballpark (Downtown Denver)

1415 Park Ave W, Denver, CO 80205

We will send you some suggested accommodations after sign up! 

Join Avalon in this all hands on two day class in beautiful Denver, Colorado!

This is an intermediate to advanced class, all students must have experience with cake decorating basics.

After many requests, the Medusa Cake is now a live class! Over the course of two days you will learn how to:

  • Create a food safe structure armature with limbs, hands and snake hair!
  • Carve, ice and cover intricate shaped cakes.
  • Create cartoon like expressive facial features.
  • Learn Avalon’s favorite tips and tricks for a successful cake!
  • How to work with different edible mediums like fondant, modeling chocolate, and more!
  • How to make your own molds using at home ingredients/tools.
  • And so much more!

Each student will have a finished Medusa made with real cake.

These techniques and skills will be essential to add to your arsenal of cake making knowledge!

Don’t miss out on this opportunity, Avalon doesn’t teach live in person classes often.

All supplies and tools will be provided, however feel free to bring your favorite modeling tools.

​1 hour lunch included!

How to sign up for a payment plan:

Please read below binding Terms and Conditions. By purchasing this class you agree to the “Terms and Conditions for Live Classes”. 

  • Booking Classes
    • Classes must be completely paid for at time of booking. No Student is permitted to take a class that is not 100% paid for.
    • You will receive an email confirming your payment and reserving your spot for the class.
    • Payments for classes are final and non-refundable.
    • In the unlikely case of a class being cancelled by Avalon Cakes, Student may take the class if/when it is rescheduled, use the payment as credit for another     class or money will be refunded. Unfortunately, any additional expenditures lost by a cancelled class are not to be covered by Avalon Cakes. (i.e. cost of flights)
    • Refreshments for each day of class are provided by Avalon Cakes as well as lunch for full day classes. Please notify Avalon Cakes of any allergies and/or dietary restrictions you may have at minimum two weeks prior to the start of class. You are welcome to bring your own lunch and/or snacks, however this will not be reimbursed by Avalon Cakes.
    • Costs of travel, transportation, lodging and meals (other than lunches during class time) are Student’s responsibility.
    • Students must keep Avalon Cakes updated on proper contact information in case of changes to any class. (Current phone number and email) We are only responsible for contacting you via the provided information and are not responsible for tracking Student down if contact information changes.
    • If booking for someone else, please ensure you tell us the Student’s full name. Provide their phone number and email address if you wish for them to receive contact information.  If you don’t, you must provide your information and all notifications will be sent to you rather than the attendee.
    • All students must be 18 or older and are legally responsible for themselves and their actions while on Avalon Cakes’s premises.
    • Anyone attending class less than 18 years of age must be accompanied by a legal guardian (over the age of 18) whom shall be completely be held responsible for said student while on the premise of Avalon Cakes Ltd.


  • Canceling 
    • Classes may be cancelled due to of Acts of God (hurricanes, blizzards, etc.)
    • If a student misses a class or any part of a class for any reason, Avalon Cakes is not responsible for refunding that student’s money for the class or any other costs.
    • A class may potentially be cancelled if there is not enough interest/seats sold. In this rare situation, Student gets the option of full credit that can be applied to another class or a refund for the cost of the class. Again, any other cost will not be reimbursed by Avalon Cakes.


  • Rights of Class Material
    • Pictures of final products are allowed. Instructors will dictate if pictures and/or videos are acceptable to take throughout the class. Students are never to share/re-teach the specific details of what they learned in class (i.e. No step by step tutorials). Any student Avalon Cakes Ltd.. suspects of re-teaching material may be denied access to future classes.
    • You are strictly prohibited from using the specific design you learn in our classes to advertise or run a similar class of your own.  It is our intention to teach you skills, which will enable you to come up with your own designs, therefore offering the marketplace something novel.  If you run classes or intend to run classes in the future, you may not use the specific lesson plans, class format, outlines, structures or photographs for your own classes or the promotion of your own classes.


  • Transportation of Cakes
    • Avalon Cakes is in no way responsible for Student’s cake after you leave the Avalon Cakes premise. Should anything happen to your cake during transportation that is your responsibility and Avalon Cakes bears no accountability for Student’s cake once you have left the classroom.
    • Avalon Cakes will provide boxes for each student’s creation.


  • Property On Premise
    • Avalon Cakes supplies what is required for the class. Students may bring personal tools if they wish, but are responsible for them.
    • Students are held accountable for the tools they are “borrowing” for the duration of their time at Avalon Cakes. If a student loses or destroys property of Avalon Cakes Ltd., they may be held responsible for paying Avalon Cakes the cost of repurchasing said item(s).
      • Student brings all personal property onto Avalon Cakes premise at his or her own risk.
      • Should Student ask to keep a cake on the premise for any extended period of time, Avalon Cakes accepts no responsibility for it. As this is a place of work and education, there is a possibility of damage and therefore Avalon Cakes advises against you leaving cakes on the premises for extended periods. (Example: Student will be back in 4 months for another class and wants to leave their project at Avalon Cakes until then).
  • Extra
    • Any injury sustained during a class is not Avalon Cakes’s responsibility nor is Avalon Cakes liable to pay for any costs related to an injury.
      • Students that need to tend to anything unrelated to class (i.e. a phone call) should excuse themselves from the classroom and do so quietly as to not interrupt class for the rest of the students and teacher.
    • Refunds are not available once payment has been made for any reason other than the class being cancelled by Avalon Cakes/the Teacher.  Please check carefully that you can make the dates before you book.  This applies to any class booking, gift or any other method of booking. If you give your class to someone else, Avalon Cakes must be informed of the new information.
    • Avalon Cakes Ltd. reserves the right to refuse its services to any student without reason.
    • Students should arrive at least 15 minutes BEFORE the start of the class. Class will not wait to start for those who are late. However, if you are running late, please notify Avalon Cakes so we can wait a few minutes longer or be prepared to catch you up.All class bookings are bound by these terms and conditions. 


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