Mold Material Recipes BUNDLE (Pourable and Putty!)


Learn how to make our *NEW* PUTTY mold material and the original POURABLE version (video has been reshot for better quality!)!  Not only is this extremely cost effective compared to other mold materials on the market, but you can make it yourself using very accessible ingredients (all can be found at your local grocery store!) These video tutorials will walk you through how easy & quick it is to make these amazing DIY products. Only need your mold once? You can REMELT the material and use it again and again to make new molds! It’s inexpensive, flexible, re-meltable and food safe!
  • 12 and 18 min HD videos with step by step instructions
  • Walk through on recipe for mold materials.
  • Demo molding with the materials (beads, lace, broaches, letters)
  • Will discuss what objects are candidates for molding and why.
  • Discuss the limitations of the mold material.
  • Pros and Cons between the two mold material choices (pourable or putty).

*IMPORTANT* before buying be sure to read the following:

-This is a RECIPE video tutorial, this is NOT a physical mold material that is shipped to you.

-This material must be stored according to directions.

-This requires a microwave.

-This is *NOT* a replacement for silicone, it does have it’s limitations: can not be used with isomalt, it does not work with flexible lace products (i.e. Suge Veil, etc), best for one-time use per mold (can remelt however!), can not be re-sold as it is a perishable product.

This is a digital purchase (NOT a DVD).
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