Advanced Features Series Modeling a Face (for Cake!): Nose and Lips - with Avalon Yarnes


Learn how to model a face with modeling chocolate (for cake) in our "Advanced Features Series - Modeling a Face". In this tutorial, we deep dive into two different approaches to modeling noses and lips. Play with different methods to find out what best fits you and your bust cake project! In this tutorial you'll learn:

  • Two different approaches to modeling noses and mouths (and why we make them together) and the reasons why you may choose one method over the other
  • How to model noses from step by step
  • How to model lips step by step
  • How the features lay on the face and connect
  • How to properly size your features
  • How to model your face to look like a particular person
  • How to map a face from a model (inspiration photo/blueprint)
  • How to approach and handle seams with your Modeling Chocolate
  • How to paint the lips (two methods!)
  • And more!

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