Squirrel Ganache Carving Cake Tutorial with Avalon Yarnes


Squirrel Ganache Cake tutorial, with absolutely no fondant or modeling chocolate, will open your eyes up to what can be done with just ganache! This tutorial is JAM PACKED with information you can use, not only to make a squirrel but, tons of other sculpted cakes! This video tutorial includes how to use a blueprint to guide you through your cake (so it's effortless!), how to create the structure and how to finish the cake using just ganache (no fondant needed!).

Learn how to:

  • Create an elaborate structure to make this entire squirrel out of cake -- yes that tail is CAKE!
  • Create and use a blueprint to guide your entire cake-making process - taking out the guesswork.
  • Carving cake without guessing.
  • Using ganache as your finished icing!
  • Painting ganache!
  • Carving and modeling ganache!
  • And so much more!

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