Dolly Parton Bust Cake Behind the Scenes Tutorial

In this "behind the scenes" style tutorial we're creating a one of a kind cake portrait sculpture on the amazing idol, Dolly Parton. A life-like, yet stylized, cake sculpture featuring a fun take on her iconic black and white photo. We'll be sculpting her right on the side of our "cake canvas" using nothing but white chocolate ganache! In this tutorial, you'll discover the versatility of using white chocolate ganache as a finished medium -- it's going to be your new favorite edible clay!

You'll learn:

  • How to take a sheet cake, turn it on it's side and make it a "cake canvas"
  • How to build a simple structure for your cake canvas
  • How to ice your cake canvas perfectly every time
  • How to work with white chocolate ganache as a "clay medium"
  • How to build a bust off the side of the canvas with ganache
  • How to carve Dolly's face, hair and bust out of white chocolate ganache
  • How to paint Dolly in grey scale
  • Our go-to ganache recipe
  • And so much more!
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