Introduction to Animatronics for Cake - Moving Eye Mechanisms

OK, what is more exciting than making your cake come to life with animatronics? I mean, did your inner child just jump for joy? Because mine sure did! In this course, we're introducing you to the wonderful world of animatronics for CAKE. While it is in-fact a very advanced world, Avalon has broken it down step by step so that it's so much more approachable. We'll be using common items to create our builds, along with straight forward electronics. So if you've been itching to take your character cakes to the next level... I believe this is "the cherry on top" you've been looking for!

You'll learn...

  • The behind the scenes of how Beatrice (the possessed cake with rolling eyes) was created.
  • An overview of all the materials, tools and electronics needed to create this build (and future builds!)
  • How to approach the "engineering process" where we go from idea to brainstorming to prototyping to the final build.
  • Where to find inspiration for your idea and how I found inspiration for my build.
  • How I build a side-to-side moving eye mechanism from idea to final build.
  • How to make white chocolate eyes.
  • How to paint white chocolate eyes.
  • How to build the eyes into your cake.
  • How to make gelatin lenses.
  • And so, so much more!
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