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Alan Dunn gives us a peak into his FAVORITE tools and must-haves for cake decorating, in this case, he uses them for him immaculate sugar flowers! He is one of the top Sugar Flower artists in the world! It is such an honor to have him on the blog sharing these invaluable little gems of knowledge! Ok, ok, I’ll stop fan-girling him… I’ll go ahead and hand the mic on over to him…

1. Floral Tape Shredder

My friend/student Sandy Wu from Taiwan designed this tape shredder that cuts tape in half and in quarters! Her husband makes them in Perspex so they look very cool as well as being very useful.

Similar tool here.



2. Cloth Nappys for Corn Starch Pouch 

Essential to stop the paste sticking to my fingers! This material gives a fine dusting of cornflour.


 3. Metal Ball Tools

I find it easier to work with metal balls tools – the weight makes it easier to thin the edges of petals and leaves.



4. Very Fine Scissors

Very nice fine scissors – comfortable to handle, essential for sugar flower art!


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5. Curved Scissors

Curved scissors are also very useful.



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6. Kitchen Paper and/or Nappy Liner

Kitchen paper and/or nappy liner to make rings. They are great for drying and supporting petals, allows the paste to breathe and dry faster than resting in a plastic former.



7. Kemper wood/bark texturing tool (Kemper Dry Texturing Brush)

This is a great tool for texturing wood/bark, but also great for creating the texture for a poppy bud, etc.



8. Book – Sugar Flower Skills: The Cake Decorator’s Step-by-Step Guide to Making Exquisite Lifelike Flowers by Alan Dunn

Great for beginner to intermediate sugar flower artists.


9. Book – Alan Dunn’s Ultimate Collection of Cake Decorating by Alan Dunn

Great for more experienced sugar flower artists!

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    Thanks you for this great post with all of these brilliant ideas.

  2. vera lucia osuna 2 years ago

    lindo, apaixonei, quero conhecer mais seu trabalho

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