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Have full confidence to paint any character or portrait on a cookie

Make them "Ohhh!" and "Ahhhh!" and say "No way! That's a cookie?!"

Add a proven painting system and other innovative techniques into your "cookie toolset" that you can use over and over again to create gorgeous painted cookies!

Sound good? Well, it can be your new reality, Sweetie!

Glamour Girls Art of Edible Painting  

When: June 26, 2021

In this virtual class, we're going glam with these gorgeous retro rockabilly girls' hand-painted cookies! Ever been asked to paint a character or portrait with skin color, hair color, or hairstyle you just couldn't get right (or didn't even know where to start)? Worry no more! This class will give you a solid base to be able to create characters with a variety of skin colors, hair colors, and hairstyles. Sandie is going to help you achieve gorgeous, dimensional skin tones (5 different tones!) so you can confidently take on any skin color! We also know that hair comes in all different colors and styles - so we're diving into 6 different style/color combos! This class is essential for all your character/portrait painting cookie projects and will leave you with the skills to tackle any challenge that comes your way!

Sandie's signature painting technique for face painting on Royal Icing (which will have you painting faces like a pro in no time!)

A hybrid class of both real-time live instruction taught in the same fashion as Sandie's in-person painting class (but for a fraction of the price!) AND pre-recorded hybrid live segments that give you all you need to know in a quick, yet thorough fashion. With forever access to the replay!

Sessions spread throughout the week, covering each important step of the process! Work along with us or watch the replays and work at your own pace!

Learn how to paint 5 different skin tones! Skills you can use again and again to paint ANY skin tone for all your future projects -- cartoony or realistic! 

Learn how to paint 6 different hairstyles! We're going full rockabilly with these gorgeous hairstyles, use the techniques to create any hairstyle!

Learn to paint 6 different hair colors! Learn how to achieve dimension in multiple hair colors, even black and pink!

Along with learning piping, flooding, texture, layering and so much more!


Downloads, Recipes and Templates

Class includes a full Class Packet delivered well in advance. All supplies are listed out in detail along with links to any special products. Plus, Sandie shares her go-to recipes for her cookies and royal icing! And of course, we include all the templates needed to complete the project!  


Support & Community

Access to the exclusive, private pop-up facebook group (facebook profile required) where you will watch the live class, live lessons, connect with others, share your work and get direct support from Sandie for six weeks.

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Can't join the class the day of? Or want to watch it again... and again... and again? 

No worries, we've got you! The replay is yours forever. 

You'll be able to access it through the Facebook group and also conveniently through Avalon Cakes School website eight weeks after class ends.

meet your instructor

You Can Call Me Sweetie and Sweetie Academy is a Custom Cookie Boutique and Cookie Decorating School located in Miami, Florida. Sandie began her love of cookie decorating in Oct. of 2012 and began making sets for her family and friends.

The popularity of her sugar art grew so rapidly that she decided to start a side business and thus You Can Call Me Sweetie was born. In the very beginning, Sandie was juggling a full-time job as an office manager by day, and cookie artist nights and weekends. But, in January 2015 she was able to make that leap and finally take her passion for cookie decorating full time.

Sandie has become an award-winning cookie artist. Winning Cookie Connection's 2014 Cookier of the Year Award as well as being nominated as a Finalist for Cake Master's Magazine's 2015 Cookie Award. She has been a judge at SoFlo, (2015-2020), That Takes the Cake, Julia Usher's 3D Cookie Competition, Cookie Rehab and American Cake Awards. She specializes in custom-made-to-order sugar cookies, as well as provides group and private cookie decorating classes.

“I truly strive for perfection and enjoy working with intricate and innovative designs to give the “WOW” factor to any event. I love sharing my cookie journey with my students and helping them achieve their full potential in this wonderful world of cookie decorating” – Sandie Beltran

“This class helped me bring my painting skills to another level. I never thought I could make my cookies look like a real portrait. 100% recommended!” 

Azu Holmes

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Cartoon Self Portraits
Glamour Girls Class Replay

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We believe these two classes pair perfectly, so we bundled them together at a very special price for you! Get fully prepared and learn how to create different skin tones, hair colors & styles from the "Glamour Girls" class and then take those skills into the "Cartoon Self Portrait" class to make your cookie portrait the best it can be. 

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*replay of the virtual class + access to the facebook group

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A spot in the real-time LIVE virtual class with Sandie Beltran
Mini-lessons prior to class to get you fully prepared!
LIVE Streamed follow up Q&As
Full templates and supply list accessible well in advance.
Access to our Private Facebook Group just for this class - connect, share, and get direct support!
Access to the replays to watch at your convenience as much as you need.
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A spot in the real-time LIVE virtual class with Sandie Beltran
Mini-lessons prior to class to get you fully prepared!
LIVE Streamed follow up Q&As
Full templates and supply list accessible well in advance.
Access to our Private Facebook Group just for this class - connect, share, and get direct support!
Access to the replays to watch at your convenience as much as you need.
VIP ONLY: Access to a special VIP room where you can jump on video during the "breaks" to share your progress and get direct feedback from Sandie in real-time!


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No, this will not be included inside the membership. This class is an exclusive, stand-alone, long-form class that requires separate support and functionality. It will be hosted on the site eight weeks after class wraps and will only be accessible to people who have registered for this class. However, Avalon Cakes members will receive Early Bird pricing till the last day of registration!

No worries, the replay will be up to watch and work along with at your convenience! The replay will be available within the modules in the facebook group and will also be posted (within 8 weeks after wrap up), inside Avalon Cakes School. Once again, this will only be accessible for people who registered (this will not be available for all members unless they separately registered for class). 

At this point, we can't really say, there is no guarantee at this time.

Prior to purchasing this class, please be fully aware that no refunds will be issued under any circumstances in the event that you are unable to attend the class due to the digital nature of this class.

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