Learn the

secrets to creating


  • sculpted cakes

  • wedding cakes

  • novelty cakes

  • sugar cookies

  • tiered cakes

  • sugar flowers

Learn the secrets to
 creating amazing

  • sculpted cakes

  • wedding cakes

  • novelty cakes

  • sugar cookies

  • tiered cakes

  • sugar flowers

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From calculating how much batter, icing, filling or fondant you will need -to- pricing out your next cake project.. we've got calculators to help you every step of the way -- saving you time and headache!


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I'm a sugar artist and educator helping creative sugar artists unleash their sweet, artistic genius.

I play with my food...
Modeling chocolate is my clay.
Fondant is my canvas.
And food color is my paint.

My mission? To help you build the bridge between feeling stuck or unqualified to feeling empowered and confident.

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