We believe cake is ART. This isn’t your “lick it and stick it” kinda cake decorating! Our goal is to provide new and fresh designs, techniques and information to bring your cake experience to the next level. We provide tools, such as our calculators, to help you work smarter, not harder. Our community is full of like-minded cake artists. A place where you can share your creations, ask for help and help others. Together, we are here to push the boundaries and feed your creative hunger!

We offer something for every skill level with video tutorials, picture tutorials, calculators, recipes and articles. New content is added every month for our members! We also offer some of our tutorials for individual purchase in our shop.

I encourage you to take a look at our library of content and we hope to see you on the other side! 😉


Sugar is essentially on my mind NON-STOP. Imagine a little cartoon “thought bubble” over my head at all times with a CAKE in it. You can call me a cake head, a sponge head, or a sweetie pie… or just Avalon. 🙂

So how did I become so obsessed with sugar?!

Well, this story does NOT begin with me covered in flour at the young age of five. Don’t get me wrong, I always LOVED the sweets. Heck, I’d push a plate of spaghetti right off the table if it meant I could have a scoop of ice cream (yet that rarely happened, go figure). My love for creating art began as young as I can remember. I would buy a comic book, not to read, but to try to redraw the characters. My love of baking was awakened the moment I stepped into my first job as a bakery counter clerk at the age of fifteen. However, the TRULY special “AH-HA” moment happened when I realized cake and art could work hand in hand, like a beautiful co-mingling of two souls fated to be together…. *sigh*

From the moment I realized cake and art could come together and be so satisfying, not only to me but to my customers as well, it was FULL STEAM AHEAD! I created Avalon Cakes as a cake studio that made custom cakes for any type of special event.

More than 10 years later, I have baked, iced, carved, modeled, manipulated, defied gravity and ate OH so much cake.  I love how versatile it is as a medium. I tapped into so many art forms with cake; sculpting, painting, sketching, abstract, realism, cartoon, etc.

Now, most of all, I enjoy teaching others the knowledge I have accumulated over the years. My aim through this platform is to share and create a community of like-minded artists with passion for their craft. For us all to tap into our inner artists and flourish our careers into something that feeds our creative souls, while also making our customers extremely happy.



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