Supply List
Flower Pattern Template
Paintbrushes: Fine tip(s), round tips
White Fondant (hint: Use the cake calculator to find out how much you’ll need for your project!)
Modeling chocolate/fondant mix (75% MC, 25% fondant) in black, approx 8 oz
Xacto Knife
Cutting Mat
Dusts: CK Magenta, Black and White
Paint Pallet
Pyrex Measuring cup
Parchment Paper
Cocoa Butter
Flat Edged Modeling Tool

 Skill Level: Intermediate
 Tutorial Duration:  43 minutes
Time to Complete:  Less than 6 hours


Avalon Yarnes

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  1. Magda Kubis 1 year ago

    How did you make black modeling chocolate? I normally make my own from Wilton candy melts, but I’ve always used the colored melts so never actually colored the chocolate…
    Thanks. magda

  2. Doris Orumwese 12 months ago

    Hi avalon. Super excited to be learning from uni. We’re am I’m from, we do not have edible cocoa butter. Any alternatives.

    • Author
      Avalon Yarnes 11 months ago

      Do you have coconut oil that remains solid at room tempature? That is another alternative 🙂

  3. tamisha arthur 11 months ago

    love this tut Avalon! one good way to keep that cocoa butter nice and liquid is to use a heat pad (make sure to wrap in clear wrap)
    on the lowest setting.. works like a dream..

  4. Sylvia Weiser 2 months ago

    Stunning and so interesting Thank you

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Learn how to paint a floral pattern with cocoa butter! It’s easier then ya think and I’m going to show you how, step by step. An introduction into painting with cocoa butter. We will also go over how to make a quick and beautiful double side bow.

Learn how to:

-Paint with cocoa butter.

-How to transfer a pattern.

-How to make a realistic satin-looking bow that doesn’t require drying time.

Note: This tutorial DOES NOT include icing, carving or covering a cake in fondant.

Over 25 minutes of HD Video instruction


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