Kara Andretta

Kara is the creative chaos behind Kara's Couture Cakes and the consumer and human psych nerd behind CakeLife Academy and The Change Lab.\ Beginning her journey as a fine artists she originally studied to teach school aged children the fine arts. As life does, it had a different pathway that lead to her husband, 2 boys, an unexpected and life-changing 4 years at The Culinary Institute of America and interning with Ron Ben-Israel, and learning to knit poorly. She tries. Upon returning to Buffalo from her culinary education adventures in the NYC area, and with another little boy in tow, she opened what is now Kara's Couture Cakes online learning platform. From the science behind why cakes do what they do in the oven to consumer psychology, living a fuller life as a sugar artist to coaching cakers to become successful and thriving entrepreneurs, her life's work is help people - CAKERS - live authentically and fruitfully doing what they love AND GETTING PAID FOR IT! Outside of cake, Kara homeschools her three boys, spends a ridiculous amount of time at Tae Kwon Do, studies neuroscience and personal growth methodologies, knits (poorly), is a Harry Potter nerd, and can be found geeking out at business and lifestyle conferences and retreats. Oh, and the she's just batty for her bluejays and squirrels that live in her garden.

Favorite Materials and Tools

My small, offset, angled artist's palette knife.

favorite subjects to create

1. Whimsical creatures

Kara Andretta's Classes