Lasagna Roll Realistic Food Cake with Timbo Sullivan

Know someone who loves Italian food more than anything? We've got you covered with this hyper realistic food cake -- The Lasagna Roll Cake tutorial! Get ready to learn from one of the Kings of food cakes -- Timbo Sullivan of Cakes by Timbo! Timbo is widely known for his outrageous food cakes and he did not disappoint with this fun take on a Lasagna! He went with a "Lasagna Roll" based on a viral TikTok recipe (you can easily alter to make a do a traditional one too!) He breaks this cake down into easy-to-follow steps that anyone could do!

You'll learn:

  • How to carve and ice your cake.
  • How to create realistic Lasagna noodles and fillings.
  • Tricks for realistic textures and shine.
  • How to airbrush for maximum depth and realisim.
  • And a bonus Garlic Bread tutorial!
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