Carnevil Queen Sugar Sculpture Tutorial


In this tutorial, Avalon walks you through how to create this highly detailed Halloween themed sugar sculpture "cake". This Halloween themed tutorial features elaborate [yet easy] structure, special effects [like real spinning carousels and lights], modeling, and a gravity-defying sugar tent! This tutorial features one of our new favorite teaching styles, where Avalon narrates you step by step (along with her favorite tips and insights) LIVE over an edited tutorial, giving you the best of both worlds... quick and informative yet interactive. Avalon will be showing you how to create this entire sugar from start to finish.

You'll learn:

  • How to create this elaborate structure and armature
  • How to sculpt the legs, arms and hands
  • How to create an actual interactive spinning carousel head
  • How to create the ruffled sugar collar
  • How to model and paint the face
  • How to create a gravity-defying sugar tent
  • How to Airbrush crisp, perfect stripes for your tent
  • And SO much more...

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