Rex in a Sweater Trex Christmas Cake Tutorial

The struggle is real... for this party lovin' dinosaur cake who JUST wants to fit into his ugly sweater. Beyond being a HILARIOUS concept, a T-Rex in a Sweater, hehe... it's a flippin' amazing CAKE! The most fabulous Natalie Sideserf joined us to show us how she created this life-like T-Rex dinosaur cake step by step in video format! So, not only can you go with this version to make your holiday party guests giggle -OR- use what you learn here to make a T-Rex cake for birthday parties, etc! Plus, I must say, there are so many gems of genius in here!

You'll learn:

  • How to build the structure (you'll love some of her tricks here!)
  • How to model the dino prior to adding the cake, to help keep your cake as fresh as possible!
  • How to add cake and carve in.
  • How to paint modeling chocolate.
  • And so much more!


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