Okay, my sugar-lovin friend, it’s time to confess. You’re one of those people who’s constantly searching for that one thing that they swear they just saw but now you can’t remember where it was, right? Look, I’m not judgin’ because as cake makers, we’ve got a TON of stuff, am I right? Keeping your cake decorating stuff organized is a challenge for all of us! 

And, of course, we’re constantly caked in…well..cake!

And ain’t nobody got time for that mess. Wouldn’t you rather spend that time creating another cake masterpiece?!  Instead of spending hours tearing your cake space apart looking for those special tools, I have found the most perfect system. (The Capricorn in me just squealed a little!)  This little (well, giant) secret weapon allows for me to keep all of my cake-making supplies right where I need ‘them, hyper-organized and beautifully stored out of sight!

So anyway! Without further ado — because, I mean, I’ve already hyped this sucker way up, right? — it’s time to introduce you to…THE WORKBOX! Also known as: the heaven sent cabinet that makes me want to cry tears of joy (my friend Shawna McGreevy actually named hers “Joy!”)! No really, someone hand me a tissue…

This incredible (uh, and hello, gorgeous) workbox was originally created for scrapbookers. I mean really, those guys should stop leaving their pretty paper & washi tape where the rest of us can steal it. But once I saw this beauty, I declared it to be the ultimate cake decorating tools hub!

If you’re anything like me, you probably shove all of your tools and baking supplies into tupperware containers and then feel sad that your living area (in my case, THE dining room) has become your work space. WELL, that insanity is no more, friends! After getting my beautiful cabinet, I re-homed my exposed supplies from the dining room into the Workbox. Let it be known, I didn’t fit EVERYTHING in there, and I didn’t want to… so I’d say about 80% of it went in there, while stuff like the cake pans and boards found a new home. 🙂 

Ready for the BEFORE AND AFTER??

After getting everything in, I was able to simply close up this magical cabinet and voi-freakin-la, my living space was livable again, AND my tools had a pretty new home to sleep in. Can I get a hallelujah for not having to feel embarrassed when people come over anymore and see all of my cake stuff in their face?

So what can you keep in this magical little Workbox?! Ah, so glad you asked! Take a peek into my personal box to see how I make this beauty work for me! Warning: You’re totally going to immediately want to go purchase one of these for yourself and, um, I definitely support that decision!

And the best thing about the Workbox? It’s customizable! Which I love because things get set up in there my way! However, feel free-as-a-bird to grab these ideas below for yourself!

Now the moment you’ve all been waiting for…Workbox hacks that make this beauty work perfectly for me:

I took a section of the velcro wall and created an organized space for my floral wires! I got this brilliant little idea from Shani Christenson of Shani’s Sweet Creations. All you need are bubble tea straws (and I also used some paper towel rolls) to store and organize the floral wires by size and color! Now they are easy to find, so accessible and they stay straight (bonus!). AND I finally found a use for my washi tape collection 😉 She has a little tutorial of how she does her’s here. 



I also noticed this “rod” on the other door that, initially, I wanted to put ribbon on. Unfortunately, I soon found that it was too shallow for that dream to work for all my ribbon (it’s totally ok though cause I got the Ribbon Box which is SO MUCH BETTER!)..



HOWEVER, it just happened to be perfect for my disposable pastry bag rolls! (Did I just hear all my cookiers and pipers squeal in unison?) Also, somewhere to stash my washi tape collection (which is going to just get bigger!).



And because the shelves are adjustable I was able to size them perfectly for some space to put my dust drawers (you can get one of those here). Also, speaking of shelves, let’s talk about the containers for the Workbox, okay? Not only are they easy to clean up, but they are food safe and can go in the dishwasher too! Which is super handy, cause you wouldn’t believe the amount of cake that ends up in them!





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Get yours!




And, they include these SUPER awesome little organizers that fit inside your plastic bins to help FURTHER organize. I found them just perfect for my sugar flower supplies like my small cutters and stamens! Now I can see everything so easily… heaven. Sent.




AND MY ULTIMATE FAVORITE THING. Ah, the sprinkle wall *swoon* & *drool* Yes, fine I may have taken it a weee bit further than necessary and bought some fun jars to sport my sprinkles in, but you do you, boo!  If you want to get your hands on some, check out these spice jars, you can find them here.  



If you can’t already tell, I loveeeeee my Workbox something fierce. Being able to have all of my stuff & things stored where I need and keep my living space, well…livable means I’m winning on both fronts!

Oh! And…and. It comes in all sort of different colors and styles! You gotta check them all out, I’m pretty positive you’ll find something that will fit your decor perfectly! This is the white one, no crown with beaded panels! You can see all the options here.

If you can’t already tell, I loveeeeee my Workbox something fierce. Being able to have all of my stuff & things stored where I need and keep my living space, well…livable means I’m winning on both fronts!

If you’re wondering where you can get your Workbox, just check them out..they’ve got SO many cool things for us bakers that wish to be…well, sane again. 😉 !

Feel free to come back after you’ve received yours and tell me how much you love it. We can sing its praises together!



Access my full Wafer Paper Filigree Peony video tutorial along with a downloadable template and bonus video! 

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  1. Sheri Johnson 2 years ago

    I want to see your beauty! Show us all of your splendor – I am drooling over these Workbox . . and WILL have one!!

    • Avalon Yarnes 2 years ago

      Thank you Sheri! I goofed up and put it out too early, whooops! 😉

  2. Bernadette Niebuhr 12 months ago

    I was admiring your Workbox, and I noticed yours did not have the folding table. Did yours come with it, but you chose not to install it?

    Personally, I think it would just get in the way . Im adding this to my list of future purchases.


    • Avalon Yarnes 12 months ago

      Hey Bernadette! I took mine off, BUT, only because I use my whole workbox in an L shape. The problem is, if you take of the table and you open your workbox all the way open, it could tip over (eeek!), so I have mine at an L shape creating that outward support.

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