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Quick Wafer Paper Trees

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Tis the season.... the season of giving... and being so dang giving (of your time and effort) you want to crawl under your bed until January! So when ALL your friends and family have declared YOU the cake queen (or king) and the pressure to create an awesome Christmas cake is on your shoulders... I say, turn to the trees! Ha.. no, I don't mean be like me and run away into the forest. Making a festive, quick, and elegant Christmas cake couldn't be any easier than topping it with some of these adorable wafer paper trees and calling it good to go!



Yeah. You can even put tiny little ornaments on them! I used different colored little dragee pearls, but you can go as elaborate as you want (at your own xmas crazy risk!).



Here's the thing... these aren't just for Christmas. They can be used on all sorts of cakes... that need trees. Trust me, they'll come up and you'll be like "Avalllllonnn, I lurv you for saving my butt at 3 am with these easy trees" as you fall into bed and 3:15 am. 😉 Yeah.

So here is what you need for these little bad boys:

  • Wafer Paper color of your choice (I used Green Premium from Icing Images) - However you can color these yourself with some patience and an airbrush (thin layers at a time, you don't want to warp your wafer!)
  • A skewer, dowel, or lollipop stick - shoot you could even use a chocolate cigarette!
  • Special 5 in 1 scissors - Martha Stewarts -or- Herb Scissors (Note: You don't have to use these, but it will save you a ton of time)
  • Xacto, Scissors or Rotary Cutter
  • Vodka (you can also just use water, just be careful not to overdo it!)
  • Paintbrush
  • Download Free Templates

Tip! Be sure to hydrate your wafer paper using these easy steps >> Hydrate Wafer Paper Blog

This is a previously recorded Facebook Live tutorial (No, I'm not talking to imaginary people 😉 )

 Published: 12/18/2016

Last modified on January 20th, 2021

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