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After countless days and stacks of empty containers of a bit of this and that……. BY GOLLY, I’ve got it! Yep.. that’s right! A mold material YOU can make yourself! Not only that, but you can find all these ingredients at your local grocery store (yes, that applies to many of your over-seas too). Wait, wait, it doesn’t stop there, it’s……



Access my full Wafer Paper Filigree Peony video tutorial along with a downloadable template and bonus video! 

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Mind blown? Mine kinda was.

No more buying super expensive silicone that I only get one shot with getting it right. Not to mention the pile of silicone molds that I’ll never use again! Now I have a material that I can REUSE over and over. AND it sets up in about in minutes!

Make It Yourself Mold Material

Works perfectly with fondant, gumpaste, modeling chocolate and melted chocolate! Isomalt and melted sugar are unfortunately too hot for this material, please do not try it, it will make a horrible mess! 

Yes, these ingredients can be found overseas, including but not limited to: UK and Australia.

Save for later and share the love!

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I promise, you will use it over and over again!

So, what are you waiting for?




Access my full Wafer Paper Filigree Peony video tutorial along with a downloadable template and bonus video! 

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  1. Judy 4 years ago

    Hello, is the molds food safe?

    • 4 years ago

      As food safe as it gets!

  2. Michelle 4 years ago

    Hi what are the payment options for this mold tutorial? I cant seem to find it anywhere on the site. thanks

  3. Joelle 4 years ago

    Hi! I’ve purchased this tutorial, and I’m very excited to try it out. I have a question though. Do you think if I pour some of the material in a container, placed my molding item and then covered it with the material, that I could slice the mold in half to remove the molding item and be left with a 3D mold? I want to mold a dragonfly but haven’t found one with a flat side to use in the mold. Thanks!!

    • 4 years ago

      Absolutely! You can completely cast your item and then cut into it! AND if for some reason, something goes wrong, you can take comfort in the fact that you can re-melt and try again!

      • Joelle 4 years ago

        Thanks so much for your quick reply! Can’t wait to try it this week!

  4. felipe 4 years ago

    Hi I try to purchase the item above fill my details and wont let me finish the process it says please correct the details on the highlighted are but my details are correct. How can I complete my purchase?
    Thank you very much

  5. amanda 4 years ago

    Can these molds be used for plaster?

    • Avalon Cakes 4 years ago

      I have never tried it, so I can’t be for sure, but I have a feeling it would.

  6. Lora 4 years ago

    Please I want it to 🙂

  7. Suzanne 4 years ago

    Hi, I was wondering what the shelf life for this product is? Thanks!!!!

    • Avalon Cakes 4 years ago

      You need to keep it in the freezer when not in use (it will mold at room temp if kept out for a week or more).. but you can keep it in the freezer for at least 6 months!

  8. Yvonne 4 years ago

    Can the mold be washed?

    • Avalon Cakes 3 years ago

      No. It’s make out of edible material and will dissolve.

  9. Wendy 2 years ago

    Hi, I purchased this tutorial almost 2 years ago and I cant find the email with directions on how to log in would you be able to resend it to me? I can forward the paypal receipt if you would like

  10. Apolline 1 month ago

    I’m a member of yours, but where’s the recipe for this please?

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