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Member's Cakes Spotlight for July

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It’s that time again, cake-babies! With the end of the month looming near, we’ve compiled another round of incredible member's cakes created by YOU. And because none of these beauties need an additional intro from me, I’m just gonna let the cakes (and their super talented bakers) tell their own story. Hallelujah!!

So, moving right along! 

1. Lana Witherspoon
How long have you been baking? For 5 years!
Tell us a fun fact! I use my 5-year-old as an excuse to buy toys that I want to play with 😉
Share the name of your cakery/bakery! You can find me over at Lana’s Dough Delights.

2. Özke Bozkurt
How long have you been baking? I’ve been baking for 6 years.
Share the name of your cakery/bakery!
My bakery is called 2Cute2Bite Me.

Seriously, are these not amazing?!

Member's Cakes Spotlight July

3. Janelle King
How long have you been baking? I’ve been baking for 4 years.
Tell us a fun fact! I am a complete shoe-a-holic, haha.
Share the name of your cakery/bakery! You can find me on Facebook at Never Dessert You!

4. Jen Jardine
How long have you been baking? I’ve been making cakes for 16 years, wohoo!
Tell us a fun fact! Ok, so I live in Los Angeles...where it never rains. But, of course, the one day it does rain, I have to drive 20 miles in the pouring rain to my birthing class. I walked my 6-month pregnant self into the class looking like a wet duck -- no makeup, hair a mess -- only to find out that our class was going to be FILMED for an upcoming episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashians! And to make the night even better...there were no open seats in the class except the one next to Kourtney Kardashian & Scott Disick, who, of course, had their hair & makeup perfectly done. 

But really, does anyone else feel like these cakes are telling us that we should work out and then drink wine? Ok good, me too.

Member's Cakes Spotlight July

5. Whitney Mathis
How long have you been baking? I’ve been caking professionally for 4 years & baking for about 20!
Tell us a fun fact! I might be a caker now, but for a long time, I hated cake. Seriously! Because I hated cake so much, in an attempt for me to have a cake for my birthday every year, my mom used to always make me jello-poke cakes with whipped cream!
Share the name of your cakery/bakery! My cakery is called Cop Cakes!

6. Marcia Fullwood
How long have you been baking? Well, I walked away from a 35-year accounting career in July 2016 to begin caking full time! But, before I went full time with my caking career, I would only bake a few times throughout the year for my family.
Tell us a fun fact!
I have three kids...and their ages? 29,25...and 4. Yep, you read it right!
Share the name of your cakery/bakery!
You can come to check out my cakery over at Marci’s Masterpieces!

Pancakes and unicorns, oh my! I'll take one of each, please.

7. Shannon Orr
How long have you been baking? I’ve been baking for 15 years now.
Tell us a fun fact!
I’ve seen Moana 12 times this week...anyone else?!
Share the name of your cakery/bakery!
You can find my shop over at Twelve Eleven Bakery!

8. Lucía Loro
How long have you been baking? I’ve been baking for 2 years!
Tell us a fun fact!
I lose my earrings everywhere. All the time. It’s MADDENING, you guys.
Share the name of your cakery/bakery!
Come check out my shop at MileBian!

Holy smokes, you guys, your cakes are freakin' amazing! 

Just a reminder -- the August Member’s Spotlight cake theme is METALLICS. Start working on those cakes and get those blingy beauties ready to shine next month!!

 Published: 07/26/2017

Last modified on July 27th, 2022

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