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Corinna Maguire from Lovin in the Oven give us a peak into her favorite cake tools…! Corinna is a fabulous novelty cake and sugar modeling artist, very creative and has so much to offer! She is sharing an array of wonderful tools (an indulges) that will level up your cake game! Number 4 is my personal favorite ah-HA tool! So, check them out!

1. Vera Miklas Modelling Chocolate

Also find it at the The Decorating Company

LOVE this stuff.  It’s super smooth to work with.  Blends brilliantly and gives fantastic skin translucency and tone.  Plus she’s even won awards for the taste of it.  AND she’s a super lovely lady.  Can’t recommend this stuff enough!

2. Cerart tools – especially the K206

This tool doesn’t go anywhere without me… when I’m doing cake stuff, that is. This one is fantastic for blending seams in modelling chocolate or fondant.  Or for making gentle indentations in eye sockets or for collar bones etc.

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3. Fabriliquid

This is a new find for me.  I only just used it for the first time this Summer when I was working on a fishing basket cake.  It just makes so many more possibilities available to you when you’re working with wafer paper.  Love the stuff now.


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4. Special Effects Stipple Sponge

This is one of my lil’ tricks up the sleeve. I use this lightly over the surface for a bit of thin skin texture or whatever else is needed.  If you push a little harder with it, it can give a great ‘fuzzy’ texture.  I’ve used this for teddy bears, fluffy mittens or anything or the sort.

See Corinna use this in action on this facebook live:


5. Ribbon Storage Box

Ribbon storage box – This thing changed my storage life completely.  No more ribbon cabinet shame.  I can now proudly display my ribbons openly on a shelf with style.

Alternative links for ribbon box



6. Pinot Grigio 😉

This stuff is amazing.  When the caking gets tough this product really keeps you going.  Smooths out all the edges for that fine finish!  😉 (hehe haha.. she’s kind-a funny right?)

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Access my full Wafer Paper Filigree Peony video tutorial along with a downloadable template and bonus video! 

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